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Vital Information for Wage and Labour Cost Planning & Budgeting


As organisations prepare for wage negotiations, it is important to have access to information that will support your overall strategy, simplify the collective bargaining process and avoid unnecessary delays and setbacks. The Wage Settlement Survey has provided this information for over 20 years, with reliable, accurate and sound economic markers utilised by a wide range of organisations and institutions.


In today’s economic climate, it is imperative that the parties reach optimum settlements based on comparative data, trends and benchmarks and are able to counter unreasonable demands. The Wage Settlement Survey is designed to take the sting out of your negotiations and will enable you to bargain confidently with all the facts at your fingertips. The reports include the following information and where applicable tables, charts and historical comparisons are included –


  • Labour market analysis
  • Pertinent legislative changes 
  • Important economic indicators
  • Average level of settlement by union and sector 
  • Average minimum wage across industry 
  • Non-wage demands vs management counter-demands
  • The current negotiating climate
  • The outcome of centralized bargaining agreements
  • Strike incidence, triggers and analyses


Information Service: As an additional service, Subscribers can contact us for wage related information.


The bulk of the survey information comes directly from our subscribers in the form of a completed questionnaire as and when their annual / multi-stage wage negotiations are completed. As a subscriber you will be requested to provide us with this information on completion of your wage negotiations. Whilst this is not obligatory, a cross-section of responses does enable us to provide a more comprehensive and relevant report. (This information is treated in the strictest confidence and at no stage are the names of companies reported or divulged to third parties).


Should you wish to subscribe to our Wage Settlement Survey, please complete the Order Form below and we will invoice you.

YES – Please Invoice me for a Year’s Subscription to the Wage Settlement Survey comprising four quarterly reports at a cost of R21 775 incl.

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A VAT invoice will be sent to you. Your subscription will commence once payment is received. The Survey will be sent electronically to the designated person from your organization listed on the Order Form above. Any requests for information or queries concerning the Wage Settlement Survey must be routed through the designated recipient.


Any changes to the recipient detail should be notified to us in writing. If you wish to cancel your subscription to the Wage Settlement Survey, this must be received by us in writing 30 days prior to the date of renewal of your subscription.


We thank you for your interest and look forward to a mutually beneficial association with your organization.